Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday December 10th Episode!

Wow what a great season finale! I can't wait for next season.

During this episode, Heidi and Spencer never fully resolve their fight and Heidi decides to go back home to Colorado for awhile. Spencer is left alone in LA mopping around. I really can't wait to see what  will happen between the two. At this point I am really not sure what will happen. I think that they will stay together but I think they will hold off on getting married. 

Whitney is asked to go to Paris and breaks the terrible news to LC. I felt so bad for LC. She looked so upset that Lisa Love didn't ask her to go, although she knew that it was her fault in the end so she couldn't really be mad at Lisa, she could only be mad at herself. I was so happy whenLisa Love finally asked LC to go to Paris. You could tell that LC was so happy and she wasn't going to let anything get in her way of going, not even Brody. 

As for Brody and LC...  I can't to see what will happen with their relationship 
next season. I think they definitely like each other a lot and I think LC going to Paris will make Brody finally ask LC if she wants to be in a relationship. 

I was upset that Audrina wasn't really in the season finale. I guess she doesn't really have anything interesting going on in her life. 

This season of The Hills was amazing and I can't wait for next season!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday December 3 Episode!

I can't believe the next episode is the season finally of The Hills!

Last nights episode was awesome! It seems that Audrina has moved on from Justin Bobby:) This new guy is soooo much better, according to LC the new guy is better than Justin Bobby because she showers, is social, cute and treats Audrina how she deserves to be treated.
LC and Audrina have a Halloween party, I though LC and Audrina's costumes were hilarious, especially Aurdrina's! LC was really bummed when Brody left the party early to go to another party.
LC goes out to dinner with Lo and tells her that she likes Brody and she would like to be with them exclusively but she wants Brody to want to not see other girls without LC having to tell him what to do. I can see what LC is saying although, when she went out to dinner with Brody it seemed like he really wanted her to tell him to stop seeing other girls because he wants to date LC.

There is more drama going on with Spencer and Heidi. I hate that Spencer's sister, Stephanie is in town, she is really making everything worse. Heidi tells Stephanie in confident that she isn't sure if she wants to get married just yet because she believes that it is breaking her and Spencer apart with all the wedding planning. Later on Stephanie and Spencer go to pick up the wedding invitations but Stephanie opens up her big mouth and tells Spencer that Heidi isn't sure she wants to get married! What a bitch! Then Spencer returns home and goes off on Heidi. You could totally tell that Heidi was upset with Stephanie. The fight gets bad and eventually, Spencer walks out and leaves Heidi livid!

I can't wait for the next episode! SEASON FINALE OF THE HILLS!

Sneak preview below!

Monday November 26 Episode!

Wow what a great episode! So many exciting things happened!

As if LC doesn't have enough to deal with when it comes to Heidi and Spencer, Spencers sister, Stephanie comes in town and stirs up trouble.

Everyone decides to go out to a club called, The Opera. At The Opera are LC, Audrina, Justin Bobby, Brody, Stephanie and Frankie. Things get juicy when Stephanie, Spencers sister approaches the table where they are all sitting and tells Brody that he shouldn't be hanging behind enemy lines. I love how Brody basically tells Stephanie to fuck off. As if that wasn't bad enough, Stephanie then begins to start talking to LC and says things along the lines of, "If you hate my brother then I hate you, and Heidi is like my sister, so you better stop being mean!" Again, I loved how LC was just like it's none of your business, fuck off.

Then, things got even juicier this episode! Justin Bobby, runs off and starts making out with a red head and everyone sees including Audrina! I really admire that Audrina stood up for herself and was like it's over. She deserves so much better than that gross, Justin Bobby.

In the end of the episode, Stephanie goes to Spencer and Heidi's apartment excited to tell them all about the gossip at The Opera. It seemed that Heidi just really didn't care about it all, I think she is really over all the drama between LC.

It seems like Audrina finally gave Justin Bobby what he deserved, the boot!
Sneak peak of next weeks episode!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday November 19 Episode!

What a great episode!

This episode didn't really focus on LC so much, which is good since the majority or the episode are. The episode began with LC, Audrina and Whitney working out with their personal trainer. The girls really are looking toned and in shape this season. During their working out session, their trainer was totally digging Whitney and you could totally tell that LC and Audrina loved watching. I really love Whitney so I was really glad that this episode was all about her. The girls invite their trainer to a sports bar called Big Wangs, a place they love to go to for a chill night in L.A.

Heidi and Spencer go to their church where they might get married. I don't know but I just feel like Spencer really loves Heidi and wants to marry her but he is a little scared of the whole wedding production and celebration that Heidi wants. I couldn't believe when they got in that arguement and Heidi took off her engagement ring. I think Spencer deserved it though because after all that she has said and done for the wedding, Spencer should know by now not to take her to Vegas to get married!

Whitney and her personal trainer went for a jogg in the mountains which was cute and then when they reached the top he asked her to go out on a "date" as he refered to it as. The date seemed nice and inocent but I don't really think they connected on a romantic level. I don't really like him for Whitney. I can't to see in future episodes if anything evolves!

I loved how Spencer came the next day with roses and apologized to Heidi. I don't really like Spencer but this made me like him so much more. I can't wait for the big wedding!

Catch an awesome sneak preview for next week below or click here for more of The Hills!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday November 12 Episode!

Wow what a great episode! This is what we have all been waiting for! The LC and Heidi confrontation!

Whitney and LC attend this event to encourage the power of voting. At the event LC runs into Heidi and they have a sticky confrontation, which doesn't end so nicely. It was cool that LC and Whitney didn't have to work at the event they could just relax and have a good time!

Audrina meets up with Justin Bobby and things don't seem to be going that great. Things in her career life however seem to be going great! She was promoted from front desk to her very own cubicle! On her first task as a working professional at Epic she has to help out with Sean Kingston! I love how she ditched Justin Bobby after working for Sean Kingston! I think she is starting to realize that she deserves so much better than Justin Bobby. I can't believe that Sean Kingston send Audrina flowers! That was really cool and sweet of him.

The next day at LC's internship, Heidi ims LC and wants to get together to talk about things. Spencer didn't seem to care that much which I was surprised about, I was surprised that LC agreed to meet up with Heidi. Heidi meets with LC at her apartment and lets just say that things were not accomplished. I am so confused! Heidi says she has nothing to do with it, but says she doesn't know if Spencer had anything to do with LC's sex tape rumors. I think Heidi is bullshiting. I mean how could she not know if her fiance did it or not, he clearly has told her! I am kinda glad that LC told Heidi that she forgives her but she wants to forget her as well.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Monday November 5 Episode!

What a fun episode!

Whitney and LC finally had the Young Hollywood party host! They put so much engergy into planning the show so it was really fun to watch this episode how everything turned out. The Young Hollywood Party went awesome, LC and Whitney did a fabulous job.
Heidi finally turned 21! I really can't believe she is only 21! I feel like she is 23 or 25. It is really weird because watching the show, I always feel like Whitney, LC and Heidi are so much older but they are my age! I thought it was rather boring that Heidi celebrated her 21st birthday with just Spencer.

Audrina goes out with Justin Bobby for then night! God I really don't like Justin Bobby for Audrina, I think she can do so much better. He treats her like shit! I can't believe that she is begging to date him and he says not yet, it should be the other way around! He should be begging to date her! They go to watch a band. After the show, Audrina really wants to meet the band and ask if they are signed. She meets the band and lets them know that she works at Epic Records. You could tell the band got so excited because a pretty girl who works for a record company came up to them. The band invites her and Justin Bobby for drinks. They go out for drinks and all the guys in the band are hitting on Audrina! I couldn't believe that Justin Bobby wasn't getting jelous, and the fact that one of the band members asked him if he and Audrina were together and he totally acted like he didn't care about Audrina! Watch below for a sneak peak of whats in store next week!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday October 29 Episode!

Stress and the City!

Wow! The Hills was great this week! So here is the scoop!

LC and Whitney got sent off to NYC. It was Whitney's first time to pitch an idea at a meeting in NYC. Whitney discussed her ideas for the Young Hollywood Party. You could totally tell she was really nervous. It was really weird because during her presentation it looked like everyone was thinking WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT. Although, when Lisa Love told Whitney that everyone in NYC loved her presentation and were extremely excited about the party! LC got sent off to help her favorite designer Marc Jacobs for the models fitting. The coolest thing about that was that she actually got to meet Marc Jacobs!

Spencer runs into Frankie, Brody's friend. You can totally tell that Spencer misses Brody. Spencer calls Brody to try and reconcile. When LC returns from NYC, Brody comes to her apartment to hang out. Brody informs LC that Spencer called and made the attempt to be friends again. I think that LC was really mature when she said that she would hate it if they weren't friends because of her, especially since they have been friends for such a long time. Brody never called Spencer back and said he wasn't planning on it. I think that Brody should definitely call Spencer at least just to talk!

If you missed the episode click here!
I can't wait for next weeks episode